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For nearly 15 years my amazing readers have begged me to write a sequel to The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things.  And I finally did.  I am delighted (thrilled/ecstatic/slightly terrified) to announce that Virginia will live on in The Universe is Expanding and So Am I. It comes out in Spring 2018, but we will have advance copies by summer.  I’m eager to get some in the hands of my most devoted readers.  Send ideas for how to make that happen.

Oh, and read about it here!


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Spring 2016 Appearance Dates!

Hey friends!  It’s been a while (writing, puppy, winter, travel) but I’m crawling out of my writing cave and making a few appearances this spring and early summer.  Come say hi!


3/18  | New York, NY 

4:40pm, Main Branch NY Public Library

NYC Teen Author Festival


3/20  | New York, NY 

2:30-3pm, Books of Wonder mega-teen-author signing


5/14  | Rochester, NY 

Rochester Teen Book Fest


6/28  | Metuchen, NJ

Metuchen Public Library


A few INFINITE things

Hey all,

It’s a little more than a month until INFINITE IN BETWEEN hits the shelves!  The official pub date is September 1.

In the meantime – if you’re feeling some INFINITE excitement – you can:

Enter this Goodreads contest to get an advance copy of INFINITE.

Watch this hilarious Epic Reads video in which I talk about INFINITE, how I met my husband, waterskiing, road trips, and much more.

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Or preorder INFINITE from wherever books are sold!

Thanks and love,


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INFINITE IN BETWEEN – another starred review!

The second review for INFINITE IN BETWEEN just came in.  This one is from Publishers Weekly and it’s ANOTHER STAR!  If I was speechless when the Kirkus star came in, this time I whooping and shouting.  My boys were both home – my five-year-old had just lost a tooth and my ten-year-old was just promoted a swim level at camp – so we joined hands and started cheering and dancing and laughing about all the good news.  I don’t have the tooth to share (thanks, Tooth Fairy) or the new red swim bracelet (it’s at camp), but here is the amazing review.



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Friends of Best Frend Next Door

Friends of Best Friend Next Door

It’s been so fun to send Best Friend Next Door out into the world.  Three weeks later, I’m hearing such effusive and encouraging words from coast to coast!  Every time I get a note or a text, I’m excited all over again.

Some of my middle grade heroes have gotten in touch…

Lin Oliver, co-author of the Hank Zipper series and a zillion other books wrote and said:


So I stayed up reading your book last night.  It’s wonderful.  Turns out you have a terrific middle grade voice!!!  Great characters, so unobtrusively modern and relevant without feeling the adult presence at all.  A fabulous read.


James Howe, author of The Misfits (and my all-time favorite book in second grade, Bunnicula) and another zillion books said:


Just finished Best Friend Next Door. What a sweet friendship story, and what a PERFECT book to put out there for 3rd and 4th grade girls (well, all girls) (well, all girls and boys) with so many wonderful messages about how to be in relationship. I loved not only the relationship of Hannah and Emme (so fabulous), but the relationships of the girls with their parents. The girls were so likable and good and sweet, without being saccharine about it. They were both girls you were rooting for, girls with good parents and good values and good hearts.


And love,


And this REALLY got me smiling.  A mom of a third grader sent me this shot after her daughter read Best Friend Next Door in two sittings.



Thanks, friends.  Keep on reading!