For nearly 15 years my amazing readers have begged me to write a sequel to The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things.  And I finally did.  I am delighted (thrilled/ecstatic/slightly terrified) to announce that Virginia will live on in The Universe is Expanding and So Am I. It comes out in Spring 2018, but we will have advance copies by summer.  I’m eager to get some in the hands of my most devoted readers.  Send ideas for how to make that happen.

Oh, and read about it here!


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Spring 2016 Appearance Dates!

Hey friends!  It’s been a while (writing, puppy, winter, travel) but I’m crawling out of my writing cave and making a few appearances this spring and early summer.  Come say hi!


3/18  | New York, NY 

4:40pm, Main Branch NY Public Library

NYC Teen Author Festival


3/20  | New York, NY 

2:30-3pm, Books of Wonder mega-teen-author signing


5/14  | Rochester, NY 

Rochester Teen Book Fest


6/28  | Metuchen, NJ

Metuchen Public Library


Infinite In Between Fall Tour

I’m so excited to announce my fall tour for INFINITE IN BETWEEN!  Look out for me in your city and make sure to give me a hug because I’ll probably be missing my kids like crazy.

Infinite Tour Map copy


9/22 | Chicago, IL | Anderson’s Book Shop – In conversation with Christa Desir

Naperville Location

123 W Jefferson Ave, Naperville, IL 60540




9/24 | Houston, TX | Blue Willow Bookshop – In conversation with Kate Sowa (Ex Libris Kate)

14532 Memorial Drive

Houston, TX 77079




9/30 | New York, NY | Books of Wonder – Appearing with Jennifer E. Smith, Maggie Lehrman, Amanda Maciel

18 W 18th St

New York, NY 10011



10/7 | New York, NY | New York Public Library Teen Author Reading Night

425 Avenue of the Americas

New York, NY, 10011



10/20 | Maplewood, NJ | Words Bookstore – Appearing with David Levithan and Jennifer E. Smith

179 Maplewood Ave

Maplewood, NJ, 07040



10/24 | Boston, MS | Boston Book Fest  

Copely Square

560 Boylston St

Boston, MA, 02116



11/12-14  | Charleston, SC | YALLFest


11/20-21 | Minneapolis, MN | NCTE



Happy Birthday Infinite in Between

So it’s out.

Three and a half years and thousands of pages later and my new novel, INFINITE IN BETWEEN, is out.

In many ways I’ve been working on this book for more than three and a half years.  Maybe ten years?  Maybe more?  For so long, I’ve been thinking about the five characters who eventually became Gregor, Mia, Whitney, Jake, and Zoe.  I’ve been thinking about writing a novel that began at the start of high school and ended at the end.  I’ve had scenes and tidbits of dialogue running through my head.  And I just had to find the right way to tell it.

Was it easy, writing INFINITE IN BETWEEN?  No!  Three and a half years is a long time to stick with one novel.  I tried writing it in first person.  I tried in present tense.  I had sad endings and extremely sad endings.  I had a sixth main character for a while (RIP).  I had many full chapters that I axed.  At one point I got so overwhelmed with writing this novel that I actually wrote my first middle grade novel, BEST FRIEND NEXT DOOR, just to have a break from YA for a while.
But here’s the important thing: I never, ever, ever got tired of INFINITE IN BETWEEN.  Through all the ups and downs I loved this novel and I always believed it would happen.

INFINITE IN BETWEEN has gotten starred reviews from Publishers Weekly, Kirkus, and School Library Journal.  And just this past weekend, a teenager read an advance copy and tweeted to me that is the first time in his life that he picked reading over playing Xbox.  Total score.
Happy publication to INFINITE IN BETWEEN!





Two Weeks and Counting

I can’t quite believe that INFINITE IN BETWEEN comes out in less than two weeks! (That’s right! September 1!)In preparation for the pub date – and to celebrate INFINITE’s 3rd starred review (That’s right! Kirkus! PW! School Library Journal!), I went down to Harper this morning and met with my amazing publicist, Rosanne Romanello, to go over plans for the INFINITE IN BETWEEN book tour and other plans for launch.




Despite the fact that I’m not security-camera photogenic and the badge has me looking rather shady, Ro and I had an awesome meeting.  And I even got to guzzle an iced coffee, which always has me looking extra happy in photos.

IMG_4575On the way out, Ro was leading through the halls of Harper to the book closet to pick some books for my kids (See?! Isn’t she awesome?) and we ran into the super talented (and super photogenic) Aaron Hartzler, who was there to film footage to promote his new YA, WHAT WE SAW.  Enter some great posing – and we even got to exchange advance copies of our books.


IMG_4574And in true happy-ending form, I got to be the mom-hero by returning home with a stack of great books for my boys.





A few INFINITE things

Hey all,

It’s a little more than a month until INFINITE IN BETWEEN hits the shelves!  The official pub date is September 1.

In the meantime – if you’re feeling some INFINITE excitement – you can:

Enter this Goodreads contest to get an advance copy of INFINITE.

Watch this hilarious Epic Reads video in which I talk about INFINITE, how I met my husband, waterskiing, road trips, and much more.

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Or preorder INFINITE from wherever books are sold!

Thanks and love,


star posting

INFINITE IN BETWEEN – another starred review!

The second review for INFINITE IN BETWEEN just came in.  This one is from Publishers Weekly and it’s ANOTHER STAR!  If I was speechless when the Kirkus star came in, this time I whooping and shouting.  My boys were both home – my five-year-old had just lost a tooth and my ten-year-old was just promoted a swim level at camp – so we joined hands and started cheering and dancing and laughing about all the good news.  I don’t have the tooth to share (thanks, Tooth Fairy) or the new red swim bracelet (it’s at camp), but here is the amazing review.



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