Do you notice something different?  Yep.  It’s gone.  THE is gone from the title of my new YA novel.   Goodbye, the book formerly known as THE INFINITE IN BETWEEN. Hello, streamlined new THE-less title.

I’ll back up.

First, I am so, so, SO excited about INFINITE IN BETWEEN.  The tagline on the cover is: Five teens.  Four years.  An unforgettable journey.

INFINITE IN BETWEEN is about five teenagers (two boys and three girls) who meet at freshmen orientation and make a vow to reconvene at high school graduation, sort of like a “see you on the other side.”  And then I follow them, all five of them, through all four years of high school.  Writing INFINITE IN BETWEEN was the most exciting, scary, intense, and fulfilling journey of my career.  I mean, first day of high school to the last?  That’s infinite.

Ah, yes, back to the title.  Since INFINITE IN BETWEEN is coming out on September 1, I‘ve been having tons of conversations with the Harper publicity and marketing teams.  And every time we talked, I noticed people were saying INFINITE IN BETWEEN instead of THE INFINITE IN BETWEEN.  You try it.  Say THE INFINITE IN BETWEEN ten times fast and see how quickly you drop THE.

So last Thursday I called my editor and asked, “Can we ditch THE?”

And Tara said, “Sure, why not?”  Because she’s nice that way.

But as soon as we hung up, Tara had to kick into high gear.  She called the production team and the design team and halted the advance copies from going to the printer.  Phone calls, emails, everyone stepping up their A-game…and success!  I got word on Friday afternoon.  THE was gone.

Now say it ten times fast.  Nice, right?

Just wait until I reveal the cover.  Harper is still putting on the finishing touches, but it’s infinitely amazing.



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  1. Makayla November 20, 2015 at 6:54 pm

    This book has really grabbed my attention. I love it! I am going to try and find the book tangeled

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