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Infinite Excitement

It’s all starting. A week from today, on Thursday May 28th at noon, I will be signing advance copies of INFINITE IN BETWEEN at Book Expo in NYC. This is my new YA novel. I’ve been working on it for, count them, three years. During those three years, I’ve never wavered in my love for this novel, these characters, and the world I’ve created. It comes out September 1.

At this point, only a small handful of people have read INFINITE IN BETWEEN. Same goes for the amazing cover. But starting next week, that will change. It’s scary and exciting. Mostly exciting. I can’t wait to share this novel with my readers, and have them share in it with me.

Since it’s BEA, there are rooftop parties and book parties and events every night. Oh, and my first middle grade, BEST FRIEND NEXT DOOR, comes out on Tuesday, too!

Some weeks are all putting away laundry, answering emails, cleaning up bitty Legos that get stuck in my feet, and trying to decide whether I’m going to take a shower. Other weeks, like next week, are infinitely more exciting. Here I go!

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